5:30pm-7:30pm EVERY NIGHT



Rice Crackers おかき

Pickled Garlic にんにくたまり漬け

Gobo Chips ごぼうチップス

Soy Flavored Boiled Egg 味付け煮たまご

Vegetable Croquette 野菜コロッケ

Curry Croquette カレーコロッケ

Edamame 枝豆

Egg Drop Soup 玉子とじスープ

Rice Ball (Cod Roe, Bonito Flakes or Pickled Plum)




“Pocky” Biscuit Stick Coated with Chocolate ポッキー

Mozarrella Wrapped in Prosciutto 生ハム巻きモッツアレラ

Japanese Pickles お新香

Prosciutto プロシュート

Spam Rice Balls (2pc) スパムおにぎり



Fresh Cucumber with Miso もろきゅう

French Fries フレンチフライ

Baked Chikuwa with Mozzarella Cheese


Fresh Vegetable Wedges 野菜スティック

Seaweed Salad 海藻サラダ

Shrimp Shumai えびシューマイ

Spinach Salada ほうれん草サラダ



Vinegar Marinated Jellyfish くらげ酢


Dried Squid あたりめ

Home-Made Spring Rolls 自家製春巻き


Fried Chicken Wings and Legs 鶏の唐揚げ




Black Berkshire Sausage on Szzling Hot Plate




Avocado Spaghetti 和風アボカドスパゲティ

Creamy Avocado Sauce with a Hint of Soy Sauce

Meat Sauce Spaghetti ミートソーススパゲティ

Classic Japanese Meat Sauce

Cod Roe Spaghetti 明太子スパゲティ

Creamy Cod Roe Sauce

Curry Udon Soup カレーうどん

Noodles with Japanese Curry Soup

Sauteed Udon 焼きうどん

Noodles with Shrimp and Vegetables

Takana Pickle Fried Rice 高菜チャーハン

Japanese Fried Rice with Mustard Leaf Pickles

Hayashi Rice ハヤシライス

Thick Demi-Glace Sauce with Red Wine and Tomato Sauce over White Rice

Creamy Mayonnaise and Truffle Oil Sauce with Shrimp and Flying Fish Roe

Omelette Rice with Demi-Glace デミオムライス   $11.99

Demi-Glace Sauce over Ketchup Flavored Rice Wrapped in Thin Sheet of Fried Egg

Gratin グラタン

Oven Baked Ziti with White Sauce

Doria Milanese ミラノ風ドリア

Oven Baked Ketchup Flavored Rice with White and Meat Sauce




Seafood Spaghetti シーフードスパゲッティ

Clam Sauce with Shrimp, Squid, Anchovy and Snow Peas

Tanmen Noodle Soup タンメン

Tokyo Style Salt Flavored Ramen Topped with Pork and Vegetables

Japanese Curry Rice カレーライス

Curry Sauce with Oxtail Broth, Groud Beef and Pork over White Rice

Okonomiyaki お好み焼き

Japanese Pancake Topped with Japanese Traditional Okonomiyaki Sauce

Honey Toast with Fruits ハニートースト フルーツ付 

Thick Slice Buttered Toast with Fruits, Vanilla Ice Cream and Maple Syrup

Creamy Chanpon Noodle Soup クリーミーちゃんぽん 



Cold Cappellini 冷製カッペリー二   $11.99

Omurice with Demi-Glace デミオムライス  $11.99




Vanilla Ice Cream バニラアイスクリーム   $3

Lychee Sorbet ライチシャーベット   $4