Please read the followings when you make a reservation.


Please note that we take no reservations for Fridays. Starting from March, no reservation is taken for Thursdays except for Senri Oe shows. You can make a reservation up to one month in advance only.  We may be unable to accept your specific seating request.  


When you make a reservation for Senri Oe show, please specify which show (9:00pm or 10:30pm) you would like to reserve. 


Please arrive on time.  After a 15-minute grace period, you will lose your reservation.   


Please use this form for any reservation you would like to make.   Although we only accept a reservation up to one month in advance, we recommend you submit your request early.   Please note that we may not able to accommodate your specific seating requests.  


Reservation is completed when you get a confirmation via email. Due to a high volume of reservation requests, the confirmation process might take time.  If you don't get a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us.  Try walk-ins if you are not able to reach us.


We very much appreciate your understanding.


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