Tomi Jazz News

April 24th, Thursday

Three men to the Horizon

1st Set 9:00pm-10:00pm

2nd Set 10:30pm-11:30p

$10 Cover/ $10 Minimum/ Set

Seats are going fast!!


Senri Oe (Piano)

Jim Robertson (Bass)

Yacine Boulares (Sax)


For reservation, please visit at or please call 646-497-1254 after 5:30pm


*Reservation is completed when you receive a confirmation mail.

*お客様へのconfirmation Mailのお受け取りがご予約確定となります。

* As a courtesy to our guests, please arrive on time for your reservation, as we can only hold your table for 15 minutes past the reservation time.


Updated 3/15/12


We have a free gift (sport bottle) who spend over $5 on our charity items or who donate over $3 to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Please ask our staff at Tomi Jazz when you come next time!